Ferguson Fundraising

As of Christmas Eve, 27 people were still languishing in jail and facing impossibly high bail. I’m trying to get this poster back in print to keep up the fundraising effort–if you have the means to print and distro, please get in touch! Meanwhile, I’m offering a high-resolution, digital download of the poster for donating to the bail fund below. Just send me the transaction ID from your receipt and I’ll send you a pdf suitable for printing.

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ferguson poster_small for web

All but 18 posters have been mailed. Eighteen posters accidentally sent to wrong addresses are being reprinted this week and will be mailed. If you haven’t gotten your poster, please let me know and I’ll try to track it down!

And here’s the math on final profits and loss:

480 posters sold online, at $6.62 profit ea.
Money sent to Ferguson as of 9/3 = $2680, or profit from 404 posters
20 posters sold at bookfair where profits went directly to Ferguson = $200.
18 posters lost, at loss of $80 for printing and shipping
18 posters reprinted and about to be reshipped, at loss of $80
Money owed to Ferguson, minus $150 loss from reprinting and resending = $503 – 160, or $343.
Remaining $343 sent to Ferguson October 18, 2014, for a total of $3223 raised from this poster so far. 

Posters are no longer for sale. Thanks for the overwhelming support! I’ll be mailing out all the orders over the next few weeks. We held a mailing party last week in Portland and managed to get 180 posters shipped–tomorrow I’ll send out another 70. For total transparency, the costs break down like this, per poster: poster printing – $0.69 paypal fee – $0.51 postage – $1.93 shipping materials – $0.25 total = $3.38 per poster, leaving $6.62 profit.  Last week I sent $2000 to Anti-State STL (accounting for 302 posters sold with domestic postage). More poster mailing and more math next soon!


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