Can I get one of your drawings tattooed on me?
Of course you can, just send me a photo of the result.

Can I commission you to design something for me?
Sorry, I’m not taking new commissions right now.

I run a distro or retail store–can I buy your work wholesale?
Yes! Email me for my wholesale catalog: corinadrossartwork [at] gmail.

Can I use your art in my project?
Maybe! Tell me a little about how you’re going to use it and why.

Can I use your art to make something I’m going to sell?
Please don’t! This is my livelihood.

Can I order a custom print that isn’t listed on your Etsy shop?
At the moment I can’t do custom orders, but this could change.

I’m interested in making a deck of cards. Where did you get your deck printed? What should I know?
I’ve tried three different printers with mixed results. There are a lot of factors that go into having a good experience with a printer, a good final product, and enough money to make that all happen. For more detailed advice, send me an email!

Where do you get your other stuff printed?
My talented friends at Fennec Design hand-print my patches, and the helpful and friendly folks at Paper Jam Press print most of my paper goods.

Who inspires you?
My favorite artists include Anselm Kiefer, Kathë Kollwitz, William Kentridge, Mandy Katz, Marie Alarcon, Santiago Mazatl, Franz Masereel, José Guadalupe Posada, Justin and Joëlle from Fennec, and Abby Miller. I’m also inspired by old photos, botany, anatomy, constellations, myth, dreams, and homesickness.

Is it true you are also an astrologer?
Yes–you can find my astrology site here. I offer sliding-scale consultations from a radical/queer framework (but not just for radicals and queers!).


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